The Kidnapping Experiment

Imagine a child comes up to you out of nowhere. He claims he was separated from his family by someone he didn’t know. As he’s telling you this,  someone appears and pulls him away from you against his will. The child claims this isn’t his parent, that he doesn’t even know this person.

What do you do?

Fouseytube ran an experiment to test people’s moral compass.

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Think You Know A Lot About Sex?

The Science of Orgasms

By: AsapScience 

Did you know the relaxation of the Amygdala and Hippocampus in women reduces their emotions during sex, producing a trance-like state? Or that their brain almost completely shuts down mid-orgasm? How about that the cortex lights up suggesting a connection between pain and pleasure?

I damn sure didn’t.

Learn all that and more here:

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Soldier Reunites With Dog After A Year of Military Service

One married military couple has come up with the most amazing way to help out fellow soldiers… and their best friends. The last thing soldiers want to worry about before deployment is if their dogs will be cared for, so the couple created the website Dogs On Deployment to help match military pets with loving foster parents.  This video from The Queen Latifah Show shows US Soldier Jess reuniting with her best friend, Emma, after a year and it is an absolute tearjerker.  What an incredible way to give back to our hardworking military men and women! I will definitely be sharing this story with friends. Make sure you watch the entire video… the way Emma reacts to seeing her Captain mama is absolutely beautiful.

Blog Pet Flow 

This kind of stuff just warms my heart. I’m a big softy for pets these days. I have two cats that I absolutely adore. I’m probably the only guy with more cat pictures on his phone than his girlfriend. But, once these little buggers get into your heart, it’s all over. I’m glad Queen Latifah shed light on this service. It’s a wonderful thing.

Watch the dog take a second to recognize exactly who the soldier is. Then, it’s a real reunion, doggy style. (Get your mind out of the gutter).

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Celebrities Read Vicious Tweets About Themselves.

Some people are cruel and write very harsh things to celebrities on Twitter. What you don’t see when you send a nasty tweet is that it can cause pain. So to raise awareness, and hopefully make people think twice before they post something awful, we’ve once again assembled a group of famous faces to remind everyone that words hurt.

Jimmy Kimmel Live 

I thought Rob Lowe’s mean tweet was the best. Just the way he read it, his face afterward, it all came together.


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Men, Learn to Flirt Properly (Stop Creeping Chicks Out!)

Aaron Marino is providing a great humanitarian service: upgrading the class and style of us cavemen. Here, in this video, he enlightens boneheads to the art of flirting. It’s surprising how awkward most men are at such a common thing. Totally inappropriate complements (“I’d lick every part of your body”)and thirsty tactics (“Hey ladies, why aren’t you drunk yet?”) are employed far too often. It’s still an unsolved mystery as to how I have a girlfriend. Lord knows it wasn’t my flirting technique. But, he sets the record straight.

Alpha M.

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Bad Lip Reading Does It Again (NFL Style) … (LMAO)

These guys reproduce highlights and substitute the audio for hilarious interpretations. It gets me every time. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind spending an evening coming up with these. Hilarious.

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10 Amazing Facts About Pixar

Find out what ‘A113’ means and how many Hawaiian shirts John Lasseter owns in 10 amazing facts about Pixar.

— AllTime10s


Life Beyond Fear

Karina Hollekim, the first female athlete to complete a ski base, overcame a terrible accident and returned as a winner. She will share a story about those moments which can change our lives forever, about willpower and passion.

What do you do when you’re told you cannot walk anymore? In August 2006, she suffered a near-fatal accident after her parachute failed to open during a routine jump.

Did she give up or did she fight for her passion? She’s a real TEDster — Karina defied faith. After 20 surgeries, doctors didn’t believe she would walk again. Helped by intense rehabilitation, she succeeded in putting back her skis in 2009 and, as a result of her struggle, she shot a biographical movie, “20 Seconds of Joy”, to show the process she got through.

In the last few years, she has been travelling the world sharing her story and inspiring people to seek determination and passion in pursuing their dreams: an example of will, determination and hope.


Lorde – (Hopkins) Royals Parody

Molly Dworsky parodies Lorde’s smash hit, “Royals”, chronicling life for her generation and their despair.

Video courtesy of Molly Dworsky’s Youtube Page.

Famous Movie Themes Played on Guitar

There most certainly are other great film scores but if played all of them the video would have been too long. Perhaps i could make a part 2 if people ask for it.

All of the music was made using Reaper.