The Kidnapping Experiment

Imagine a child comes up to you out of nowhere. He claims he was separated from his family by someone he didn’t know. As he’s telling you this,  someone appears and pulls him away from you against his will. The child claims this isn’t his parent, that he doesn’t even know this person.

What do you do?

Fouseytube ran an experiment to test people’s moral compass.

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“The Underscore of Everything is Love”

I never knew Russell Brand was so enlightened, so committed to his own set of personal beliefs, which much to my own surprise, mirror a large deal of my own spiritual mechanisms. His words are sincere, pure, and  stimulating. Listen to him speak from the heart and it’s impossible not to be moved in one way or another. Even if you disagree, it’s clear that Brand is someone who will hear your point of view in return.

Video courtesy of Tim Shieff.