Overhead Cat Playgrounds

German design company Goldtatze (Gold Paw) specializes in transforming ordinary rooms into overhead playgrounds for cats. By adding wooden bridges, hammocks, scratching posts, and even little dens for cats to hide out in, each site-specific installation offers playful felines plenty of room for adventurous activity and their much needed catnaps.

With Goldtatze’s installations, cat owners are given more room for their own furniture while allowing their pets to roam freely on their unique playground. The designed wall and ceiling fixtures also add an element of childhood excitement. The cat-sized architectural additions seem like a year-round dose of summer camp for the curious pets. They’re able to trapeze across the room, climbing the walls and scurrying across suspended bridges, while their owners man the territory below.

My Modern Metropolis

Goldtatze website.


Instructions for Life

An Instruction Book For Life5

Courtesy of Electroshock for BigTop10

LIfe’s Little Instruction Book.

68 of 2013’s Biggest Songs in 5 1/2 Minutes

It takes a lot of time and planning to create something that emphasizes ephemerality, but for Kim, the rush is the point. “I can’t stand music that progresses slowly, entertainment that progresses slowly,” he says. “So making a mashup is like putting together this huge, huge puzzle — getting just all the best parts and putting them together in a way that the listener doesn’t have to just endure through boring filler parts, but they can get just the best pieces of everything.

— Daniel Kim

Courtesy of kimaginati0n

The Best Comic Books of 2013

Today Arris takes a look back at some of the best comic books of 2013! Plus find out what comics you should buy this week!

Variant Comics

Guy Laramee Carves Landscapes into Encyclopedia

Book sculptor Guy Laramée pays homage to the printed version of the Encyclopedia Britannica by carving into a 24-volume set of the informative series of books for his latest piece titled Adieu. — My Modern Metropolis

Guy Laramée website


Parents Use Cardboard Boxes to Recreate Movie Scenes with Baby Son

Lily and Leon Mackie are proof that parenthood can be fun even during the hardest years. A little imagination and ingenuity is all it took for these two quirky parents to set a new standard for baby raising activity!

starwars Parents Recreate Movie Scenes with baby Son and cardboard

Wah Wars

templeofdoom Parents Recreate Movie Scenes with baby Son and cardboard

The Cradle of Doom

jaws Parents Recreate Movie Scenes with baby Son and cardboard

You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Baby

homealone Parents Recreate Movie Scenes with baby Son and cardboard

Homemade Alone

alien Parents Recreate Movie Scenes with baby Son and cardboard


apollo13 Parents Recreate Movie Scenes with baby Son and cardboard

Houston, We Have A Poopy

The World’s Smallest Indian

Papa La Vista, Baby

The Good, The Bad, and The Dribbly


Yippee Kay-Aye, Mama ‘N Papa

jurassicpark Parents Recreate Movie Scenes with baby Son and cardboard

Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa-Rassic Park

The Life Domestic

The Dark Knighty-Night

Ran Hwang’s Cherry Blossoms Fashioned Out of Buttons, Beads, and Pins

Brooklyn-based Korean artist Ran Hwang, who is no stranger to working with buttons, beads, and pins, has assembled a number of circular and oval pieces paying homage to the beauty of nature. Each creation presents a vignette of cherry blossoms in the artist’s signature methodical approach. Like a meditative practice, Hwang repetitively fixes hundreds of beads and buttons in floral compositions and proceeds to pin them to a backboard, one after the other.

The artist’s wooden canvas serves as the solid-colored backdrop, allowing viewers to focus on the beautifully assembled foreground. The result is somewhere between a traditional painting and a contemporary sculpture. At times, the pieces even seem to resemble large petri dishes populated with speckles of black, brown, and white. There’s something simultaneously scientific and romantic about them, much like cherry blossom trees themselves. — My Modern Metropolis

Ode to Second Full Moon II


Ode to White Sunset


Ode to White Sunset detail

Ode to Second Love

Two Love Blossom

Ode to Fantasia

Ode to Second Full Moon

Ran Hwang Website.

Buzzfeed’s 25 Funniest Auto-Corrects of 2013

We’ve all experienced that moment when your auto-correct determines that what you tried to text wasn’t exactly what you meant. For our benefit, Buzzfeed shares the year’s best comedic auto-correct instances.

Great news!

A delicious dinner:

What channel?

Looking forward:

The Hunger Games:

Dangerous soup:

True love:

Going home:


Smells like...

Taco Bell:


In and out:

Some cash:

There goes my appetite:

Do they?

No red meat:

Rough day at work:

Spraying a mound:

So juicy:

You're so...

A new species:

Hot chocolate and a donut:


Hello, CIA:


Beautiful Underwater Oil Paintings by Samantha French

This series of beautiful oil paintings takes us on an underwater exploration of colors, textures, and unique perspectives. Created by artist Samantha French, each scene places the viewer underwater to observe what the world might look like from below the surface.

The artist captures the bright sunlight glistening off of the top of the water and shining up from the ground, and her subjects appear weightless as they move around, breaking through the surface and diving deep to explore the tranquility of darker waters.

Sometimes reaching up to 5 feet wide, the huge oil paintings are filled with vibrant colors, ripples and bubbles, and extraordinary distortions. Viewers may feel like they are actually splashing around with fellow swimmers on a hot summer day. French explains, “These paintings are a link to my home and continual search for the feeling of the sun on my face and warm summer days at the lake. They are my escape, a subtle reprieve from the day-to-day.” — My Modern Metropolis

Totally mind-blowing.

Images by Samantha French. Visit her website: SamanthaFrench.com

Whole New Kind of Christmas Spirit

Check out this amazing house featuring Dubstep Christmas lighting. These people went above and beyond. The lighting is perfectly in sync with the music. This is sure to make Santa Claus into a Dubstep fan. And to think, I haven’t even put up my Christmas tree. For shame!