Famous Movie Themes Played on Guitar

There most certainly are other great film scores but if played all of them the video would have been too long. Perhaps i could make a part 2 if people ask for it.

All of the music was made using Reaper.



Top 10 Greatest Live Musical Performances

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Make Your Own Kind of Music

In this interactive TEDx talk, Kate Campbell Stevenson demonstrates how music can transform and connect individuals and communities. She reveals how to use music as an effective tool to tune into inner strengths, overcome obstacles and chart new pathways to success.



68 of 2013’s Biggest Songs in 5 1/2 Minutes

It takes a lot of time and planning to create something that emphasizes ephemerality, but for Kim, the rush is the point. “I can’t stand music that progresses slowly, entertainment that progresses slowly,” he says. “So making a mashup is like putting together this huge, huge puzzle — getting just all the best parts and putting them together in a way that the listener doesn’t have to just endure through boring filler parts, but they can get just the best pieces of everything.

— Daniel Kim

Courtesy of kimaginati0n

New Yorker’s Best & Worst 2013 Albums

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