The Kidnapping Experiment

Imagine a child comes up to you out of nowhere. He claims he was separated from his family by someone he didn’t know. As he’s telling you this,  someone appears and pulls him away from you against his will. The child claims this isn’t his parent, that he doesn’t even know this person.

What do you do?

Fouseytube ran an experiment to test people’s moral compass.

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  1. What happens when I unholster my Model 1911 .45acp pistol and discharge one round into the kidnapper’s chest? Under the Penal Law in my State, kidnap, is justifiable use of deadly physical force. A stupid experiment/prank, could lead to a needless fatality. Maybe those not armed, might shirk, but anyone exercising their Second Amendment Rights, certainly would be justified. Police Officer/Peace Officer, needs either Probable Cause, or Reasonable Cause to Believe. Civilian needs to know, a crime, has in fact been committed or, in process. The prank, clearly would lead one to believe a kidnapping of a minor child, is, in progress. Can you say, “Call the Coroner?”

    • I can say, “Phew. Glad you were nowhere around this prank.”

      This experiment is on the dangerous side of things for sure, though. Doesn’t take much for the incident to escalate into a deadly serious matter. I’m sure the actors, child included, and camera crew would surrender and reveal the ploy long before someone drew and fired their weapon, unless, of course, that someone is rather trigger happy.

      Thanks for taking the time, bruh!

      • Exactly the point, as you state it. A prank, becomes copied, and then someone loses their life over nonsense.
        Back in the 20th Century… I was a cop. Had to go to the Gun Range, routine training cycles. During the classroom portion, all of the horror stories come out. I knew of the usual robbery/homicide stuff. What was discussed in classroom are, people playing pranks and getting shot. People taking something off the wall nuts and settling something like a parking space dispute with a shooting. Or, better one was someone in a bar pulls a gun and shoots a bar patron in the head. A person inside the bar then unholsters a revolver they have a permit for and kills the shooter. The person shot gets up, horrified, fake blood on his head. It was a prank to scare the bartender for a joke. Nothing funny about it.
        The video demonstrates poor judgment on the part of the actors and subject as it is portrayed. Someone will mimic, and someone will get killed. Like the jerks walking up to strangers and punching them. Other fools copy. People are dead, others in the hospital in need of surgeries and rehabilitation. What if, one of those jerks punches a lawfully armed person? Is it worth it? I don’t think so, and fail to see the humor in any of it.

      • I didn’t find it humorous either. But, it was definitely interesting to see people’s responses. The one’s who tried to step in for the kid versus the one’s who walked away. But, the idiots playing “knockout” should get shot. I recall a couple of those idiots getting pounded on by a woman’s pissed off boyfriend. It pleased me to no end.

      • I find that maybe I am a bit too old to understand things going on around me in this 21st Century. When I was in high school, we were taught to be mature. We learned Good Citizenship, and to be responsible. While in high school, I enlisted in the Marines and served in Vietnam. There was suffering all over the place and it dogged you and never let you forget the misery of people. Over the years, I learn of things so terrible, but, the latest generation of young people behave like little children almost into their 40s.
        I am staunchly pro-Second Amendment but, I blog all of the horror stories people get into with misuse of firearms. It balances my otherwise unfriendly demeanor and my message is that, people must think about a multitude of things that their actions might result in. For some reason, maybe people of today are too soft and pampered, foolishness is rampant. That causes me heartache. Suffering and misery of people, in their daily lives, for some, goes in one ear, and straight out the other.
        It was nice conversing with you.
        Take Care.

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