The Lost Generation

A picture is worthless if you can’t find it — 880 billion photographs will be taken in 2014… just in the US. Everyone loves photography and sharing their life in pictures… but everyone hates the rest. The organization, the backup, the lack of engaging and interesting workflows puts an entire generation of photographic memories at risk. We can lose all our memories in a flash, unless we think differently about memory and photographs.

Kevin Gilbert has dedicated his life to helping people take better pictures, and experiencing the joy of photography in over 70 countries.




  1. I took loads of photos whilst on our diving holiday this year, my camera lived through sunshine and rain, through being taken to 30m under the sea, to batterings it took on the boat, and it survived.
    I backed up about half of the pictures then came home to find my camera had been stolen in the airport. I lost about half of my shots along with the camera
    I lost priceless diving shots of groupers hidden in gaps in the rocks, octopus curled up in his home, family diving shots and various others of wrecks, flowers and more.
    I was heart broken, through everything my camera had been through only to be stolen on my way home. I always back my photos up now, on various different computers, so that I don’t ever loose my photos again.

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