The Truth About Steroids

Mike Chang:

Hey man,

Today I going to explain to you all about steroids and what it actually does. Everybody thinks steroids are so great, and you’ll pretty much grow muscle effortlessly when you’re on it. Well, it’s actually not that simple.

0:30 So first I want to talk about why isn’t everybody juicing if it’s so great?

The first group of people don’t want to use it because they believe it’s cheating. There are some other who are afraid of needle or some just simply don’t know where to get it.

01:44 But here’s the major reason why it’s not a good idea….

People who are on steroids are suffering form heart and liver damage. And for those who are on a steroid cycle too long, they are actually causing irreversible damages that can hurt you permanently. And when it’s time to cycle off the steroids, all your gains will be gone.

3:45 What happens when you stop taking steroids.

When you’re done with your cycle, you actually can start having mental issue. Here’s why, when you are on the juice you are driving a very fast and fancy car, and when you’re off you feel like you driving a piece of crap car. And worst of all, you’ll end up depending on it and for all your workouts. That means when you don’t have the jucie, you end up not training and actually look worse than before.

Bottomline: Don’t take it!

And If you want to know how to really gain muscle without steorids and dangerours drugs, check out this video I’ve posted right here.

Trust Mike and his Six-pack Shortcuts methods. I do and I have. He knows what he’s talking about, Meatheads.


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