How To Land Your Dream Job in 2014


Thomas Moran, CEO of Addison Group, a staffing agency based in lower Manhattan, has shared his expertise with the world and dropped some precious career insights.

Moran offered these five tips for landing your dream job in 2014:

Focus. Determine what your career goals are before beginning the application process. While many people may think they can do everything, flexibility is not the right answer when determining job-search goals. Having targeted, focused and specific job goals will help ensure a successful search process.

Identify key professional groups and eventsNetworking is key in today’s competitive environment. Take the time to locate events that are attended by individuals in your ideal profession. Once there, present yourself in a professional manner, have talking points ready and know how to pitch yourself in a way that highlights your skills and accomplishments.

Revamp your résumé. Tailor résumés to specific positions, and include keywords from the actual job posting. Your accomplishments and skills should match the requirements set in the job description.

Clean up your online presence. Understand the differences among the various social-media sites, and use them appropriately. Refrain from posting questionable content, remove any inappropriate or explicit content, and avoid posting content that is too personal. For a professional site like LinkedIn, be active and post engaging, thought-provoking content that is relevant to your desired position or industry.

Recruit help. A staffing firm is a great place to start your job search. Many companies utilize staffing firms as a way to funnel job postings and weed through the mass of applicants. In addition, a recruiter will help locate positions that align with applicants’ goals and skills, thus doing a lot of the legwork for job seekers. — Mashable

Get to work!


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