Contempotary Never-ending Story Remake


Forget Star Wars or Indiana Jones — during the 80s my adventure movie jam was The Neverending Story. If you had asked eight-year-old me to write a movie, it basically would have been The Neverending Story. Well, except with more Transformers, and the horse never would have sunk in the swamp. Artax!

Anyways, talented video game concept artist Nicolas Francoeur went and reimagined the characters of The Neverending Story for the 21st century. What that means is the heroes are more badassed and tattooed, the creatures are more detailed and scary looking and the Childlike Empress isn’t so childlike anymore.

Some of the reimagining are pretty rad, some of them will make you groan a little, but they’re all totally spot on. This is absolutely what a modern The Neverending Story would look like, for better or worse…

via Kotaku








Plus: Here’s the legendary theme song to the classic children’s fantasy film. If you don’t sing along, you clearly have no soul. 



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