Lord of the Ring’s Rivendell Brought to Lego Life

Back in August we brought you the incredible LEGO recreation of the Lord of the Ring’s Helm’s Deep Battle that took Rich-K and Big J, 150,000 LEGO bricks to build. Now, it’s time to show you another recreation inspire by J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic saga. Master LEGO builders Alice Finch and David Frank have teamed up to make the Elven outpost in Middle-earth, Rivendell, using an astonishing 200,000 LEGO bricks. Notice the gorgeous colors, the detail in the architecture and all the miniature scenes within a scene.

The Brothers Brick has a great interview with the two about building the sprawling set. In it, they talk about all the research they had to do before they even laid one brick and how they had to approach the project from a design standpoint. When The Brothers Brick asked, “What did you struggle with the most?,” we learn an interesting fact.

“Because the landscape and vegetation are so important to the model, I came up with the idea of having it transition through the seasons,” Alice states. “We now have so many different leaf colors to choose from that I thought it would be great to be able to use them all, and having it flow gradually from spring on the left to autumn on the right would be an interesting way to highlight the variety of foliage colors.” — My Modern Metropolis

Via the Brothers Brick

Such an enormous undertaking! I recommend reading the interview article to learn just how grandiose a project it was to rebuild this fantasy environment. It’s nothing short of amazing.


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