Beautiful Underwater Oil Paintings by Samantha French

This series of beautiful oil paintings takes us on an underwater exploration of colors, textures, and unique perspectives. Created by artist Samantha French, each scene places the viewer underwater to observe what the world might look like from below the surface.

The artist captures the bright sunlight glistening off of the top of the water and shining up from the ground, and her subjects appear weightless as they move around, breaking through the surface and diving deep to explore the tranquility of darker waters.

Sometimes reaching up to 5 feet wide, the huge oil paintings are filled with vibrant colors, ripples and bubbles, and extraordinary distortions. Viewers may feel like they are actually splashing around with fellow swimmers on a hot summer day. French explains, “These paintings are a link to my home and continual search for the feeling of the sun on my face and warm summer days at the lake. They are my escape, a subtle reprieve from the day-to-day.” — My Modern Metropolis

Totally mind-blowing.

Images by Samantha French. Visit her website:



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